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Install MATE on Debian

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Debian MATE


MATE 1.8 is currently packaged for wheezy (backports), testing (jessie) and unstable. In the case of wheezy the backports repository has to be enabled as described in the official ( backport documentation. To make sure you update the repository after enabling backports.

marmalade repo

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how to use it
Before you can get access to all the packages that people put in marmalade-repo you must add it to your list of Emacs packages-archives.

Not using latest Emacs? 24.4?
click here for instructions.

If you are using Emacs on Windows?
There's another bug with GNU TLS on Windows. Click here for instructions.

If you are using 24.4 on anything but Windows?
There's a bug in Emacs 24.4 that prevents HTTPS downloads.

How To Make Nvidia Optimus Technology Work (properly) On Debian

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Hello guys! My name is Cosmin Crihan and I am writing this tutorial in order to show you how to make the Nvidia optimus technology properly work on Debian systems. For Ubuntu or Linux Mint users, I am aware of a little button that triggers the usage of the Nvidia X Org Server or the Nouveau Drivers, at your command. But you all know that Debian is not simple, but powerful. Here, it is not so easy.


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X2Go was started 2006 as a network solution for a Bavarian high school (Gymnasium) by Oleksandr Shneyder and Heinz-M. Graesing.

The name X2Go was choosen later as the first drafts were nameless. Phoca–the projects mascot–was invented 2006. Started as a PXE Boot Thin Client Environment, the client now is available for different desktops and operating systems.

2010 Mike Gabriel started his work on a python library and later on the pyhoca client. Members of the University of Erlangen joined the team 2010 and helped a lot with packaging and the new thin client environment.